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YouTube and iStuff

I’ve been having this idea of sorts to start a YouTube-channel the past 6 months.

But I need a camera and editing tools. Do any of you have any ideas on what I could us?

I currently have a 13″ MacBook Pro “Mid 2009″ (OSX <3~). I got an iPhone 5 from a friend not long ago (Thank you so much, I friggin' love it). And I also have a decent microphone. I could use them. So that leaves the editing tools then. What do you recommend I use? Preferably less expensive/free apps please. By the way look at my iPhone 5 guys! Featured on it is my fursonas

From the left, Torvus and SarahLynx drawn by Dyvyne-Vyxens on FurAffinity.

July 16, 2013 Uncategorized

“You’re a bad person”

Someone called me that last night. He went back on it. But the words were out. A few words can have so much impact. Over the night, the last 12 hours my head has been thinking hard about that.

What makes me a bad person? I don’t know, whatever it is I’m sure I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

An I bad for what did last night? Or bad overall?

Maybe I’m too bad to see it. Maybe I’m bad and that’s why shit is happening to me all the time; karma.

Although the person who said it took it back (deleted his messages) those words still hurt. What sucks more is that’s the first reply I’ve gotten from him in a long time, maybe he didn’t think very highly of me to begin with.

I was expecting someone to say something like that, just not him.

I’m not going out today. I don’t see the point. If I do it’ll be because I found something to cheer me up first.


Mild summer

This is the coldest summer I can remember, I’ve closed the window but I’m still shivering here in my sleeping bag. I hope the sun returns soon.

I hope it shines this weekend, cos this weekend is NorCon!

What is NorCon?
– It’s a small furmeet kinda, convention we’ve arranged every year since I moved to Trondheim. This year is NorCon 4. If you’d like to join us follow this link:

I think it will be fun. We’ve planned some fun things at least :) Like a go-karting race, with a nifty price :D

What else is happening? I was planing on moving to Oslo, but since I’m still in Trondheim I put some of the money I saved for the move into getting a fursuit ref. I’ll probably post it later if you wanna see.

The sex-change isn’t going so well, since I don’t have a job the National Hospital is slowing down my treatment. It’s a precaution they say, in case I can’t handle being a woman in the workplace. Workplace, smerkplace, I’m a woman any other time of the day, why shouldn’t I manage being one at work?

( Again being tricked out of an apartment in Oslo with a job offer there, really suck :V )

Doesn’t matter I can polish my gaming skills while waiting to get called in for an interview at one of those many places I’ve sent my applications to. Hehe. No seriously I’ll be more active. Sitting around everyday with no money is no fun!

I’m pondering if I should go to Eurofurence or not a lot lately. I don’t have enough capital to make the shirts and other things I wanted to sell, as well as time and motivation. Maybe next year. If I can convince myself the t-shirts are a sweet idea.

My backs been killing me lately. I see a physiotherapist every other week. He’s really fun. He cracks me up.

That’s all I have to write now. Gotta go shop some stuff for NorCon and tidy the apartment now! Bai.


At this moment I’m not even interested in men

I’m not a bad person. I rarely think bad things of others, but when people really disappoint me I get mad.

So I had been dating for a while, but I got annoyed that people were saying we were a couple, really annoyed. First of all people I didn’t like very much were saying it and then suddenly foreign people I’ve never even met were saying it.

On each occasion I told him to not tell people that we were a couple, I liked the guy and had fun with him. Around after the fourth time this happened, I made him swear to stop. He did, or so I thought. While I introduced him to some friends we didn’t have in common he took it one step further. A big step. He went as far as to point out to everyone I didn’t plan on spending EF with that we were a couple. One of these people were a high-intellectual I respect -a lot-.

He said it was terrible to be put in between a couple. And I feel terrible that this happened. I had never foreseen it, at all. I’m so sorry it happened.

Now I promised the guy we’d go to Eurofurence together if things worked out, which it haven’t. He’d been too eager to get into a relationship to my taste and with that too unpredictable and unreliable to let me even think for a second that our relationship could work.

I decided put out a tweet that I was annoyed, fed up with a guy I’ve been dating whom has overstepped to many times even when spoken to, sadly some people didn’t see it as that. But they seemed to understand that I did it as a last resort.

Someone pointed out that “How about just stop dating him? Wouldnt that be a much better solution?”. Well I did at one point, but I wanted to give him another chance. And I have, too many times, perhaps. It might have been wrong, it might have been right… We’re both broke-hearted. And I blame no one but myself.

My apologies to him. I just can’t take it.


The Road

As far as I know only three-four of my closest friends read this. One of them is Road Hopestad.

Road is a young guy from pretty much the same kinda place I grew up in, only it was on an island. When I first came to know him I immediatly knew I’d be comfortable talking to him about anything. He reminded me one of my ex-boyfriend at that time, specifically one that messed me up.

They look a little like each other. But Road is the complete opposite in personality. Oh and bodyweight. In the end there my ex was so lazy and needy he’d have me bring food to his computer and help him shave things. -_-

Anyway Road is the complete opposite of that. He likes me, treats me for who I am and is very giving and generous. And not to mention, very polite. Compared to my ex, almost excruciatingly polite. And he’s always fun to talk to and joke around with.

He’s very a very casual person, despite his tough appearance.

Love you Road panda

June 28, 2013 Uncategorized

So, I wrote a post earlier today and in it I mentioned something that saddened me

Well now I have read over it and I’ve had a moment to think about what I wrote.

I’m not going to be sad over it all the time. Things saddens me, like they do to most people. I’ll get over it. Things come and go people too. The friend I talked about is not the only one who does things, it’s just my primary example today. It’s not my main concern. I’m, probably as you could see, more concerned about my sleep. I’m just more frustrated with plans going down the drain and friend treating me badly I felt it was appropriate to let whomever is reading these post know.

I was going to post the previous post in the status thread on the before mentioned forum but of course it wasn’t appropriate. So I remembered I could post it here. I’m still not quite used to this new blog, ehehe. So I cut out and pasted it here in my blog and public diary.

It’s always good to get things of ones chest. Now I sit and listen to Time’s End by Theophany

And I’m think of what to make for dinner. If I should make something special or stick one of the the pizzas I bought on sale last week in the oven.

I’m was a little split but as I was writing this post my roommate walked by and gave me praise for the creamed spaghetti dish I whipped up last night, so I think I’ll be cooking something up ;)

I think I’ll tell you more about my roommate in my next post. Here’s a preview.

2013-04-30 14.29.11

See you soon.

June 20, 2013 Uncategorized

Car Concerto & Moving cancelled

The mildest summer I can remember is upon us. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just perfect. Which is good. I don’t like being warm, sweating, well unless I’m in a fursuit. Fursuiting is the exception. Check out the Torvus facebook page here.

Last night I went to a car/music-event for Hi-Fi Klubben at the American Car Club locale. They had microphones up in car engines and played it of on large custom built speakers in facility with music.

Speakers pre-concert

They may look small, but thay are infact over 2 meters (about 7 feet) tall

Torvus came along too

Torvus on the way back home in the car, still smiling as usual

As you can see, I brought Torvus along with me it was jolly good fun. The conférencier and manager of the shop that provided the speakers was very happy he showed up. Torvus got and gave lots of hugs.

Here I am the day after thinking of how fun that evening was. And yet a little sad, you see I feel used and I am sad that I schedule and plan things and are patient with people just to see that things go down the drain and people disappoint me and some even stab me in the back.

It often happens, a lot more often than I would think is normal and it happens only with me it seems, no one else is affected by a friend’s decision as me. Maybe I’ll get back to that feeling another time.

Now, this summer I was planing on moving. I was going to move with a friend, we had talked about it for months, almost a year I would say. He somehow turned a month ago and said he would be fair and publish a post on a forum we both go to about the room, I said okay, I will check it out. And I have been. I learned today that he just went and gave it to someone else. So to agree and waited patiently doesn’t mean anything to this “friend” then. Seems to me he always have an habit to ask someone else someone else.

Planned a weekend earlier in March where he and I would meet up with my ex, but then he was just hanging out with my ex. As usual I was a third, fifth, or training wheels. Planned a weekend where I was supposed to sleep over earlier in january with him but he talked about the a party something I had no interested in being a part in.

It’s not like I haven’t told him this. I sat in his bed talking to him about times he disappointed me. Goodness, he said he was sorry for those things before and would make it up. I’d believe letting me move in with him would be that. Not only have me as his friend he can use to cry on the shoulder of and not any more.

What do you think I should do with this kind of friend? I told him I’m think we should stop being friends.

On another note, as those of you who know me knows I tend to sleep, A LOT. Sleep takes up most of my time it seems, I do not know what is going on. I have almost no energy, do not know how it is. I have all my body needs. Startet taking vitamin D supplements for example. My doctor says I have very low vitamin D level, so naturally enough I try to supplement it. I do not think there’s anything wrong with my diet. Maybe it has something with bread and such, I eat quite a lot of bread / wheat. 2 slices for breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Will consider cutting back on it a bit.

2012-06-30 13.45.53

My favourite breadspread

I don’t always sleep much, rather sometimes it is only between 4-6 hours of sleep. It is very strange. I always had a weird sleeping pattern. But I think the worst about it is when I sleep between 12-20 hours :P

Got any suggestions on how to wake up at the proper time and stay awake?



I went to visit a friend today, we had dinner and played Minecraft while chatting most of the time. We’re working on a downloadable map togheter with some friends. And it’s really time consuming.

Before I knew it I had to leave for the bus. She lives a long way from Trondheim but not to long to be able to commute. After a good 15 minute walk I reached the busstop with ten minutes to spare I smelled a dandilion and enjoyed my surroundings, the sun, and the cool breeze in my hair.

I spotted something on the ground I thought to myself it must be a small, dirty old cardboard ring with some writing on it, but being the curious being I am I picked it up.



Turned out it was a 20 Norwegian Kroner coin worth about 3 USD for those who are wondering.

Now I love finding money. But that is not the best part, neither is spending it. What I like the most about it is how my imagination boiled up and starts making up a story behind these things.

If you’d like to read it you can come back to this post this saturday after 16:00 GMT.

I felt like writing and ask “Is this normal?” For a moment, but I don’t care. I enjoy being curious. :) How about you? Do you do these things as well?

June 6, 2013 Uncategorized

Some feeble attempt at drawing

So I’ve never thought of myself as person with any drawing skills whatsoever, but I do try to draw sometimes.

We have a Wii U and I simply love the Miiverse, it’s genius. I get to post my views on any game and comment however I want, like drawing stuff there as a comment :D

Here is a little piece I did for a friend. It’s not much, but it is something. Enjoy.

June 4, 2013 Uncategorized


Some people are really unreasonable, don’t you think?

Summertime is soon upon us, the weather is getting hotter, the sun shines bright, school ends and I haven’t got a job yet, which means I will be out of money soon, so I’m selling things.

I’ve got a couple of items listed for sale various places. I have reasonable priced the items as they are pretty unused, they cost a lot originally and shipping to Norway was a bitch because of taxes and tolling.

Some cheap bastards however do try to ask to buy the items for a unreasonably low price. This one guy sent me mails litteraly telling me, lying his ass out by the way, that the SLR camera and equipment I’m selling is only “worth” 1500 NOK and demands that I sell it to him because, as he stated, the newest model costs 3000 NOK new, which is what I’m asking for.

Think for a minute, imagine if I was a gullible, old woman I’d probably believe him. Now I’m very aware of the pricing I did the research and I know it’s a good price and I know I’m not being greedy.

But that’s not the only example on how cheap people can be. Earlier this week my roommate told me about how people come into the shop were he works and expects the same price they get from low quality, high-quantity for hand built premium quality speakers.

Some people are really unreasonable, don’t you think?

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