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October 9, 2013 Uncategorized


I started the day quite well. Part of the family who do not understand technology but insist on using it called me up and asked how to deal with an iPad. I surely regret no going to the fursuit bowling and farewell party to Atrox last weekend but I was a little depressed due to someone insisting that I was going to go because I was popufur.

My PC stopped working a little while ago, the stupid thing. Hard drive, motherboard and battery all at the same time. Tried to replace the hard disk drive with SSD, but it does not work.

Was at the National Hospital last Monday. Before that I visited a psychologist late June. I told her I want hormones soon(!), if not just anti-androgens. The psychologist said that she would send referrals to specialists and that I would get letters and an appointment set in early August, since the specialist was on vacation in July. Then in late August, I called the front desk and asked what happened when this session was going to be, but there was nothing just one appointment on October the 1st. So I showed up and learned that they never made an appointment for me like they promised and that we were to spend that appointment to set up an appointment with a specialist which will now be on December the 9th. My heart sank. For I had been waiting for a letter for well over 3 months, that I was promised. Which therefore has made me feel like I’m “three months” behind schedule and lied to. I have sent a complaint to the hospital for the treatment I got, it hardly helps me now, but I feel that there’s at least a chance it can help others.

That’s what happening in my life at the moment, other things are just work stuff here in Oslo. We still get to see what it is to come. Notice I am tired because I do not own place to stay down here and could use a room for myself to relax in. Well, have at least realized that Trondheim is a hopeless place to get a job without much expertise, unless you want be sorting fruit for minimum wage.

Do you like waffles? Or cooking and baking? Let me know in the come t and maybe I’ll share some recipes with you.