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Kjære bamse

Jeg vil ikke skilles fra verdens beste bamse. Jeg er utrolig glad i deg. Jeg er betatt av ditt ytre, søteste bamse og forelsket i ditt indre. I alt elsker jeg hele deg og vil ikke miste deg igjen. Du er min beste venn og elsker deg utrolig mye. Jeg er lei meg for alt som har skjedd.

Du er virkelig den mest fantastiske kjæresten som jeg har hatt. I opp og nedturer, har du alltid vært der for meg. Jeg føler jeg kan regne med deg når som helst, og hvor som helst. Det finnes ikke et annet menneske som kan løfte meg så høyt opp igjen når jeg er nede, selv i denne situasjonen klarer du det, eller trøste meg når jeg er trist. Alt vi har delt opp til nå betyr så utrolig mye. Men du har også de små persontrekkene, som gjør deg enda med fantastisk. De små tingene i hverdagen synes jeg faktisk er viktige, når du er så søt og kosete. Det finnes heller ingen jeg kan le så mye med, og være hundre prosent meg selv sammen med.

Jeg elsker deg, bamse! Ingen annen bamse kunne få meg til å føle meg så utrolig lykkelig og glad som når jeg er med deg.

Men her har realiteten nådd meg; Du kan ikke elske meg igjen. Jeg skjønner det. Jeg beklager at jeg fikk oss hit. Jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde vært sterkere slik at vi aldri driftet ifra hverandre. Det håper jeg at jeg kan bli, slik at jeg ikke sårer noen igjen og at vi kan forbli venner, for du har betydd så mye for meg at det vennskapet du gir meg ikke kan ende her. Omsorgen du har gitt meg i løpet min kjærlighetssorg har gjort alt så mye lettere. Jeg innser at jeg virkelig må komme meg videre.

Finn noen du kan gi din kjærlighet til. For det skal jeg gjøre mitt aller beste for å få til selv. Jeg skal ta alt det gode med meg videre og gjøre mitt beste for å få det godt, om jeg så er alene eller finner en annen. Du er alltid velkommen i livet mitt.

Takk for alt.
– Sarahpus

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What a year it’s been so much and so little has happened. I live in Oslo now, which is great, I love it here. Though I miss my friends in Trondheim terribly. I’ll see you guys again.

My New Year Resolution this year will be… *drum roll* show my friends how much they mean to me by contacting them more often for social happenings.

Have a nice Christmas and a great New Year.

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It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday. I’m spending it on a train. I brought cake.

I’m currently on the train that set of from Hamar to Trondheim. Originally we set of from Oslo Central Station at 2:02 p.m.on our way to Trondheim. But again I experience problems with by traveling by railroad in Norway. There are always one or two things that’s messed up it seems, but it ‘s probably just me most of the time.

This time it could not have been avoided then, there was a certain incident with explosives on track between Eidsvoll and Tangen. When the train stopped at Eidsvoll today, I asked if I could go back to Oslo and to Trondheim another day, instead of standing around waiting for buses in the rain. They would take us to Hamar about an hour away with buses, and I get really nauseous when traveling that far with busses. There were taxis where the seats sit lower and the journey would be comfortable, but I understand that these were prioritized for seniors and families traveling together, and those who were lower distances, like to Tangen a few clicks away. None of the workers could assure me I would get a new ticket, so I just had to go with the buses. AND I SURVIVED! Even manages to keep my cake down

When we got to Hamar and boarded the train there was a diabetic woman who got sick the bistro, I’m very pleased to hear that so many people rushed to her aid. The staff did a very good job and did very right to find a doctor / nurse / first aider among the passengers immeadiatly, instead of just wait for an ambulance. Though there should always be a person in the staff familiar with common illnesses like diabetes on long travels like this.

Not very long after we set off from Hamar the conductor announce that the GPS-system was acting wierd and sent signal to the P.A. system on the train that we were soon in Lillehammer, although there is still a long way to go. Minutes later I heard that we got to stop for trains coming in the opposite direction. Maybe we’d have crashed if they didn’t notice the GPS was off. The train passed and we arrived at Lillehammer as I’m writing this, I was able to get an estimate on how delayed we are, approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Oh well. There’s nothing we can do about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love train rides. Just not when they last too long. My plan now is to sit back with music and end this blogpost with some questions.

How are you?
What are you up to these days?

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I started the day quite well. Part of the family who do not understand technology but insist on using it called me up and asked how to deal with an iPad. I surely regret no going to the fursuit bowling and farewell party to Atrox last weekend but I was a little depressed due to someone insisting that I was going to go because I was popufur.

My PC stopped working a little while ago, the stupid thing. Hard drive, motherboard and battery all at the same time. Tried to replace the hard disk drive with SSD, but it does not work.

Was at the National Hospital last Monday. Before that I visited a psychologist late June. I told her I want hormones soon(!), if not just anti-androgens. The psychologist said that she would send referrals to specialists and that I would get letters and an appointment set in early August, since the specialist was on vacation in July. Then in late August, I called the front desk and asked what happened when this session was going to be, but there was nothing just one appointment on October the 1st. So I showed up and learned that they never made an appointment for me like they promised and that we were to spend that appointment to set up an appointment with a specialist which will now be on December the 9th. My heart sank. For I had been waiting for a letter for well over 3 months, that I was promised. Which therefore has made me feel like I’m “three months” behind schedule and lied to. I have sent a complaint to the hospital for the treatment I got, it hardly helps me now, but I feel that there’s at least a chance it can help others.

That’s what happening in my life at the moment, other things are just work stuff here in Oslo. We still get to see what it is to come. Notice I am tired because I do not own place to stay down here and could use a room for myself to relax in. Well, have at least realized that Trondheim is a hopeless place to get a job without much expertise, unless you want be sorting fruit for minimum wage.

Do you like waffles? Or cooking and baking? Let me know in the come t and maybe I’ll share some recipes with you.

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Red and green men

There was a red man and a green man the red man invites the green man over to dinner while cooking dinner the red man goes to freshen up a bit in the shower but the green man comes early while the red man was in the shower he heard the door so put a towel around him and answered it but as he opened it a big gust of wind came and blew the towel away… the green man ran across the road and got hit by a bus. The moral of the story is don’t cross the road when the red man is flashing!

I was reminded of this today when some crazy kids ran across the roads while 5 buses was about to pass. Wait for the green man.

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Books to read before I die

I’m not planing on dying anytime soon if you’re wondering. I’m just writing down this list of books I think I should read before I leave this plane.

«1984» by George Orwell
«War and Peace» by Leo Tolstoy
«Great Expectations» by Charles Dickens
«The Catcher in the Rye» by JD Salinger
«After A Passage To India» by EM Forster
«To Kill a Mockingbird» by Harper Lee
«Crime and Punishment» by Fyodor Dostoevsky
«Pride and Prejudice» by Jane Austen
«Jane Eyre» by Charlotte Bronte
«Lord of the Rings» by J.R.R. Tolkien

So I recently read in a newspaper that this list is the ten books most people lie about having read. I haven’t read any of them. Well I have read the last one, sort of, I skipped a lot of lore when reading it, I found it boring, and to be honest, confusing. That’s why I’m not removing it. I think I should read it properly.

Any suggestions for other books I should read?

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What has happens with flavours of the chewing gums? They somehow don’t last as long as they did when I was growing up.

I remember I got one of my dad every time the family went to town when I was little. It took half an hour getting there time, and we were there for like two hours or more and by the time we were back the gum taste hadn’t disappeared, nor had the gum started to become tough and rubbery or begun to dissolve. Now however the flavour lasts an hour, tops.

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Deleted some post

I deleted some blogs today. I thought they were stupid and boring X) Hope I can make the next update bore you. Have a good night

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According to research

Sex organs are formed in the first
phase of fostering stage. and gender identity formed in last phase foster phace. hence if an error occurs in
development between stages as the body develops estrogen and the body gets girl with vagina or body develop testosterone supply and fetus’ll develop into a boy with testicles and penis. so hence gender identity can be a boy while the body develops the girl and identity of a girl be developed into a boy.

It has been has confirmed.

I know that I should actually be a girl even though the body was first developed with male genital organ.

There should be a public announcement to all health authorities, schools etc so that people do not just think that “changing” sex is just for kicks or that one feels like doing so..

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